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Posted by on Apr 2014 in All Stories, Member Support | 0 comments

Member Support Question – Quarterly income reporting

Moving her to quarterly reporting is a possibility and it might help. The tenant still needs to understand that she will be responsible for a rent increase after the quarter with the increased earnings (first day of the second month following the quarter with the overtime). This might still be a hardship for her. For most tenants, averaging over an entire year is easier to manage since the rent is more predictable. It could just be the shock of the increase in rent rather than an affordability issue. It might be helpful to sit down with the tenant to explain how and why her RGI changes. If her income drops significantly during the upcoming year, it can be comforting for her to know that her rent can be recalculated to account for the changes.

The tenant may also qualify for assistance to help with her hefty bills for medications. If she has not done so already, ask her to contact the Trillium Drug Program. The Trillium Drug Program helps people who have high prescription drug costs relative to their household income. You can find more information here:

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