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On the LAM: Who are ONPHA’s Local Advisory Members and what do they do?

The LAM:

  • represents ONPHA’s position and the interests of local housing providers;
  • plays a leadership role by offering additional support or referrals to housing providers in their area;
  • encourages other ONPHA members to take on leadership roles, provide input on policy issues, and to attend meetings or events; and
  • stays in regular contact with ONPHA and other LAMs to get new information on emerging issues.

What’s required of a LAM?
The role takes approximately one to two hours a month. The LAM must be an employee or Board Member of an ONPHA member organization; however, the LAM works with all local stakeholders. ONPHA recognizes that LAMs have multiple commitments and that the time that they are able to dedicate to the role will vary over the course of a year. LAMs are encouraged to participate as fully as they are able to. To allow continuity, ONPHA is looking for a minimum commitment of one year. Member Services staff offer the following:

  • conference calls every six weeks with LAM peers and ONPHA staff;
  • on-going support on an as-needed basis; and
  • an annual in-person get together at the ONPHA conference.

How can I get involved?
If you’re interested in helping to develop and maintain strong networks in your area, you should consider becoming a LAM. For additional information about the LAM program, please contact the Local Networks and Management Support Team.

Emma Lander, Co-ordinator, Member Services
Telephone: (416) 927 – 9144, ext. 115
1 (800) 297 – 6660, ext. 115

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