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33 ideas for engaging your tenants and building community

  1. Open up common spaces for tenants to meet regularly
  2. Run an arts-based program
  3. Have an annual barbecue and invite the community
  4. Invite a local employment centre to host a job and career skills event
  5. Have a seasonal door decorating contest with prizes
  6. Engage local high school students to complete their volunteer hours tutoring kids from your tenant community after school
  7. Celebrate significant cultural events as a community
  8. Create a community garden
  9. Start a story-time for young children in the building
  10. Have a spring clean-up of the neighbourhood
  11. Organize a monthly pot luck night
  12. Host a town hall evening for tenants to meet with senior staff and Board members
  13. Have regular tenant meetings, provide childcare so that all can attend
  14. Start a community green team to share ideas for making your community greener and more energy efficient
  15. Start a tenant newsletter or help tenants to put one out
  16. Have a welcome tea each quarter for new tenants to meet their neighbours
  17. Host an outdoor movie night for youth in the building – serve popcorn!
  18. Invite community organizations to a “community fair” – set up tables where agencies can show off what they do (Bonus: you will get to know key contacts in local agencies)
  19. Host a winter fun day with hot chocolate and snowman building
  20. Start a knitting or sewing club
  21. Invite parents of young children to a “Mommy’s Club” or “Daddy’s Club”
  22. Have a Halloween party or parade for children in the building
  23. Send out a tenant satisfaction survey – find out how you are doing
  24. Host a Red Cross babysitting course for teens (Bonus: families will have a nearby supply of babysitters)
  25. Have tenants choose a favourite charity and organize a fundraiser
  26. Help tenants organize a weekly walk around the neighbourhood: it’s good exercise and builds community at the same time
  27. Organize an annual day trip: apple picking in the fall, or to a local amusement park in the spring. Some businesses will give discounts to nonprofits
  28. Invite tenants to trade and sell unwanted items at an annual community garage sale
  29. Create a board game café in a common area: bring coffee and tea and invite tenants to bring their favourite board games
  30. Keep a shelf of secondhand books in a common area or entryway. Invite tenants to take and leave books
  31. Set up an email list or Facebook group for the building or the neighbourhood
  32. Start a tenant engagement committee: let the tenants tell you what they need!
  33. Create fitness kits that tenants can reserve and borrow. Kits could include workout videos, yoga mats, fitness balls, tension bands, and light weights
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