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Energy efficiency programs provide enhanced comfort and significant savings

This post was sponsored by Enbridge Gas Distribution.

family cooking togetherNow there’s an easy way to make your residents more comfortable, warmer, and to help you save money.

Enbridge Gas Distribution offers several incentive programs for social housing. These programs have been proven to cut energy bills, improve overall comfort and living conditions, and help clean the air.
“We’re here to help residents have healthier and more comfortable homes, and save you money,” says Jennifer Cittadini, Senior Program Analyst at Enbridge Gas Distribution.

The Home Winterproofing Program is free to qualifying single family homes. Energy efficiency improvements covered by the program include insulation for walls, attics and basements, draftproofing, showerheads and aerators, and heat reflector panels.

For high-rise buildings, Enbridge offers enhanced financial incentives to social housing providers who undertake energy audits or make capital improvements that reduce gas consumption.

The Multi-Residential Program offered by Enbridge is available for housing providers to take full advantage of while affording residents the comforts of an energy efficient building. This includes upgrade measures to heating and ventilation equipment such as high-efficiency boilers, heat reflector panels, and showerhead replacements.

There are many benefits to housing providers. Beyond the financial payback, the Enbridge program promotes improved quality of life for residents.

“We actively engage residents, both in building awareness of how energy is used and in educating them in ways to be aware of their energy use,” says Matthew Marozzo, a Program Analyst at Enbridge Gas Distribution. “That gives residents a real sense of ownership and accountability in reducing energy use, which strengthens the relationships between tenants and housing providers.”

To learn about the Enbridge energy efficiency retrofits or upgrades available, visit:

For more on the Home Winterproofing offer, visit:

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