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Union Gas helps reduce energy use and save money with the power of the sun

This post was sponsored by Union Gas.

solar wall installationWindsor Essex Community Housing (WECH) needed to replace the exterior of their apartment building at 2455 Rivard St., and wanted to improve the energy efficiency of the entire building at the same time. After exploring options, they decided to use a SolarWall on the two sides of the building with the most sun exposure. The local Union Gas account manager, who is involved with all of WECH’s energy-related building projects, assisted in evaluating the expected savings of this energy efficient technology.

The SolarWall Air Heating System uses the sun’s energy to partially heat a building. Capturing the heat energy created by the sun is the most efficient way to harness solar energy, and a SolarWall is more than 400 per cent more efficient at capturing solar energy than conventional solar systems.

Specially perforated collector panels are heated by the sun’s radiation, warming the air in the space between the panels and the building wall. This solar-heated air is then drawn into the make up air unit and delivered into the building. Since the air entering the unit has already been preheated by the SolarWall – anywhere from 15-60°C above the ambient temperature on a sunny day – this solar heating significantly reduces the natural gas needed for heating the air, displacing greenhouse gases and saving money.

The project was completed in the fall of 2014, and WECH is already seeing reduced gas bills due to the SolarWall technology. Union Gas calculated the expected savings, and the customer has received an incentive cheque from Union Gas of $81,812 towards the cost of the project.

For more information about the Union Gas Affordable Housing Conservation Program, visit:

For more information about SolarWall technology, visit:

To contact a Union Gas Commercial Account Manager, visit:

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