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Member Support: Spring check list for your building

flowers in budSpring is here! In the annual maintenance cycle, spring is like a beginning point; it’s a time to assess your property, clean up, and plan for the future. Spring maintenance will vary by building type. Spring is also a good time to get tenants involved.

In addition to the lists below, many of your routine inspections and cyclical maintenance might also happen in the spring including fire inspections, unit inspections, and HVAC maintenance.



  • ˆˆ paths, curbs, retaining walls, stairs, ramps, and paved areas. Look for cracks, heaving and any
    damage from snow clearing
  • railings, signs, fences, benches, planters and tree guards
  • exterior paintˆ
  • pitched roofs
  • grounds for areas where water is not draining well and where eavestroughs or roofs may be dripping
  • water hoses
  • doors and windows


  • clean catch basins of debris
  • tenant engagement opportunity: organize a spring clean-up that tenants can participate in. Ensure you have gloves for safety.
  • clean entrance canopy.
  • ensure lawn mower, weed trimmer and other seasonal equipment are in good working order
  • fertilize the lawn and other plants as needed
  • prune trees and shrubs and replace winter kill.
  • install seasonal play and sports equipment andopen playgrounds.
  • tenant engagement opportunity: clean out and plant gardens
  • paint parking lot lines, if needed


Most regions require a temperature of 21 degrees until June 1st. Consult your municipal by-laws to be sure of what’s required in your region and plan any shut-down of heating equipment accordingly.


  • flat roofs
  • roof anchors
  • attics under pitched roofs
  • doors and windows
  • fan coils
  • ducts and dampers


  • fan coil maintenance
  • chiller/cooling tower maintenance
  • major carpet cleaningˆ
  • cooling changeover
  • turn off power to car block heaters
  • turn off ramp heating system
  • turn on lawn sprinklers
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