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Posted by on Apr 2015 in All Stories, Features | 0 comments

Set your non-profit up for sustainability success

plant in potThis post was sponsored by Yardi Systems Inc.

Sustainability is an admirable practice, one that many environment-conscious property managers are beginning to adopt. When starting up a greening program for your non-profit housing portfolio, it’s helpful to start with achievable goals.

By following just a few simple guidelines, you can create your sustainability plan for the first time, or improve your existing plan and see progress.

Here are a few of our best practices for setting yourself and your properties on the path to sustainability success:

  • Get your utility consumption data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, or a similar tool. This simple system will show you where your buildings rank among similar-type buildings, which will help you measure the success of carbon footprint reduction goals.
  • Use the ENERGY STAR checklists for simple operational energy management strategy suggestions, and track the resulting energy use reduction in ENERGY STAR.
  • Educate, promote, and communicate. The process of sharing information about your energy sustainability plan will be widespread. Not only will it need to be shared comprehensively with your staff team but with your residents as well. Their cooperation and buy-in to the environmental initiatives can make or break a plan – and their support can make one soar.
  • Research opportunities for development and upgrade incentives. If you’ve already gone through participatory cutbacks and basic upgrades on site like changing lightbulbs and installing automatic dimmers and off switches, older buildings may be good candidates for more aggressive rehab projects that qualify for construction funding grants or utility company rebates.
  • Incorporate your goals into your real estate software platform functionality. Yardi Energy Solutions (YES) is one energy management platform that can assist with better management of your utility use and spend. YES offers convergent billing, streamlined into Yardi Voyager for seamless interaction between the two systems. Daily cost and consumption analysis is compiled into an easy-to-understand analytic report and can be part of a portfolio-wide business intelligence overview.

Whether your goals are large or small, a greener future is within reach. Get started on your sustainability success story today.

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