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Posted by on Apr 2015 in All Stories, Features, Member Support | 0 comments

Your federal operating agreement will end: what stays, what changes?

What changes when a federal operating agreement ends:

  1. In most cases, the mortgage is completely paid off
  2. The federal interest write-down subsidy ends; when mortgages ends, so do obligations under operating agreements and federal funding
  3. Your organization is no longer:
    • required to have its budget approved by your service manager
    • required to charge low end of market rents
    • required to have rules for internal RGI, if applicable (PNPs)
    • restricted from borrowing money
    • required to get approval from your service manager to sell buildings
  4. Ontario Community Housing Assistance Program (OCHAP) and Community Sponsored Housing Program (CSHP) rent supplement agreements end. RGI may continue for in situ RGI tenants (check the wording of your rent supplement agreement and your service manager’s interpretation)
  5. Rent subsidy for section 95 municipals may end (check with service manager)
  6. Municipal status, if any, which provides partial rebate on HST, ends
  7. Residential Tenancies Act exemptions for social housing end

What stays the same when a federal operating agreement ends:

  1. If there is a Social Housing Renovation and Retrofit Program (SHRRP) agreement with your service manager, it may extend some requirements beyond the end of the operating agreement
  2. Housing provider is still a non-profit corporation under the Corporations Act/Not-For-Profit Corporations Act

If you have questions about your organization’s requirements after an operating agreement ends, please contact Member Support by phone at 1-800-297-6660 or by email at

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