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Posted by on Apr 2016 in All Stories, Member Support, News Updates | 0 comments

Changes at the LTB – Notice of Hearing packages

Close up of eviction notice with calculator and penOn March 7, the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) made changes to the methods of service for Notice of Hearing packages. A Notice of Hearing package gives the date, time, and location of a hearing and includes a copy of the filed application.

It will be business as usual for most applicants, who will continue to receive their Notice of Hearing package in the mail. In addition, there are three new methods of service possible:

  • When an application is filed in-person at an LTB office, the Notice of Hearing package is received at the counter.
  • When multiple applications are filed at the same time, there is a new option to pick up the Notice of Hearing packages at an LTB office.
  • If a representative is designated on the application, the Notice of Hearing package will be sent to them directly.

Visit the LTB website for more details.

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