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Posted by on May 2016 in All Stories, Member Support, Slider | 0 comments

Top five tips to prevent fire in the workplace

You know fire safety Three red fire extinguishersis of the utmost important in your rental units, but what about in your work space? Fire hazards lurking in busy office spaces are often overlooked, but no less devastating: personal injuries, job losses, property damage and loss of confidential information are all at risk.

Next time you review your tenants’ fire-safety plan, include your workplace too. Here are a few tips to consider to keep you and your staff safe at work:

1)    Install a sprinkler system and smoke detectors

Smoke alarms are as vital to workplaces as they are to homes. Keep them in good working order by:
•    Testing alarms monthly
•    Changing the batteries yearly
•    Replacing alarms every 10 years

2)    Clean up your work space

We know being a housing provider means you have paperwork—lots of it! But one of the best ways to prevent a fire is to minimize clutter, which provides fuel for flames and can block access to emergency exits and equipment. If you must keep paper records, consider using off-site storage, or try to keep them away from exit routes and heat sources.

3)    Practice fire drills at least once a year

Post a fire escape plan in a central area for everyone to see, and practice, practice, practice! Review all exits, escape routes, and fire extinguisher locations with anyone working in the building. Don’t forget to post emergency phone numbers, too.

4)    Store hazardous materials properly

If your office is also storage space for your maintenance staff, be sure to follow approved WHIMMIS guidelines for proper usage and storage. Keep all flammable materials in approved containers and provide sufficient ventilation when storing materials.

5)    Take care with equipment and appliances

Office equipment and appliances like photocopiers, coffee makers, and desk lamps can stay hot for hours, so reduce the risk by turning them off or even unplugging them at the end of each day. Also, be sure there’s enough space around them to allow air to circulate and prevent overheating.

You already have a fire-safety plan for your tenants, with just a few tweaks you can improve safety for you and your staff too!

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