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Posted by on Jun 2016 in All Stories, Member Support, Slider | 0 comments

Poop happens…but there’s no need to step in it!

Picture of a man in a suit looking down in disgust Like many of our members, you probably spend a decent amount of time and money maintaining your buildings’ outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, pet owners who leave a mess after their dog’s bathroom break can easily reverse all this effort. If left unattended, these smelly surprises can increase the workload for maintenance staff and present health risks for tenants.

The best way to reduce animal waste on your properties is to make it easy for dog walkers to pick up after their pets by installing waste bag dispensers and disposal bins. Even diligent animal owners sometimes forget to bring a plastic bag, and others may need a gentle reminder to keep your grounds clean. These inexpensive additions can drastically improve “stoop-and-scoop” compliance.

Practica Ltd., based out of Cambridge, ON, provides high quality, Canadian-manufactured products for dog waste collection and disposal. Just as easily-accessible garbage cans and recycling bins discourage people from littering, Practica’s products encourage dog walkers to pick up after their four-legged friends, and lets others point out the available bags to forgetful owners.

Practica’s product line includes eco-friendly oxo-degradable pick-up bags, pick-up bag dispensers, and waste bins for easy and clean disposal. Dog owners appreciate the high quality of the bags, and both residents and staff enjoy the benefits of cleaner lawns, parks, trails, and pathways.

Covering the cost is easy, because Practica’s sponsored dispensers can actually earn money through advertising. Business owners such as veterinarians and real estate agents will appreciate the opportunity to target their services to local residents, and contribute to the community. Visit Practica Ltd.’s website today for more information, and check out the video below to see how much their bins are appreciated!

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