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Harmonizing energy usage: How one member saved almost $34,000 on energy costs

Finding new ways to save on energy consumption and costs is top of mind for Pathway Non-Profit Housing in Peel Region. With an energy conservation strategy in place, Pathway has demonstrated this commitment (and protected their bottom line) by pursuing projects like replacing boilers, installing motion-sensor lighting, solar panels, programmable thermostats and more.

While this has all helped to reduce Pathway’s energy costs, one project in particular helped Pathway unlock almost $34,000 in annual energy savings in their first year, all by installing an innovative piece of equipment in two of their buildings. Always on the look-out for new ways to save energy, Pathway approached ONPHA Best Deals Partner Legend Power when they heard about the Harmonizer and its ability to reduce energy waste.

Power utilities deliver energy to buildings at a higher-than-necessary voltage level, causing electrical equipment to use more energy than is actually required. Legend Power’s solution, the Harmonizer, can be installed in a building’s electrical room to regulate the voltage intake and eliminate this energy waste.

By operating equipment at a reduced and controlled voltage level, equipment runs with greater efficiency, saving energy, while reducing costly premature equipment failures and extending product life expectancy.

Looking to capitalize on these potential savings, Pathway approached Legend Power in 2014 to see how the Harmonizer might work for them. After performing an energy audit to determine which of Pathway’s buildings were eligible, Legend Power came back with an energy savings estimate, which was then guaranteed through a savings agreement.

In a matter of months, Pathway had the Harmonizer installed on two of their Mississauga properties, a 250-unit complex and a 132-unit building, and started to see energy savings right away. Here’s a snapshot of Pathway’s initial results:

  • Measured energy reduction: 3% kWh
  • Annual kWh savings: 292,749 kWh
  • Annual financial savings: $33,995
  • Payback period: 3 years

 “Reducing energy consumption in our two buildings is an important part of keeping operating expenses down. The savings that the Harmonizer produces will help us to increase our building capital fund and ensure we are able to meet maintenance requirements and a high level of service to our tenants.” – Roman Spektor, Pathway Non-Profit Housing

In the face of rising energy costs and the Province’s impending cap and trade scheme, Roman also added that finding energy efficiency savings through initiatives like this one are crucial to protecting your budget over the long-term. When costs are going up elsewhere, finding these savings through efficiencies can be an effective way to stabilize your costs, and protect your bottom line from pressures from all sides.

Working with Legend Power to save on energy

Legend Power can offer this energy-saving solution with zero costs down and a guarantee on projected energy savings. The Harmonizer can help reduce energy costs by up to 8 per cent, without replacing or retrofitting existing electrical equipment, or requiring any changes to tenant behavior. Installing the Harmonizer also opens up access to incentive funding and government rebates, helping you take your savings further.

The initial investment pays for itself through ongoing monthly savings in an average of three to five years, and Legend Power also offers financing options to ensure your cash flow is positive from day one.

As a Best Deals Partner, Legend Power offers these services to ONPHA members at an exclusive 5 per cent discount.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Legend Power to see how much energy they could help you save:

Luigi Reale

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