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Posted by on Feb 2017 in All Stories, Features | 0 comments

Sponsored: Enbridge Gas offers free money saving energy-efficiency upgrades to social housing providers

Street signs: savings street, Energy AveEnbridge Gas Distribution is offering free energy-efficiency upgrades to social housing units in their franchise areas. The upgrades, which are professionally installed, are part of an ongoing effort by Enbridge Gas to help customers reduce the use of natural gas and lower their energy bills.

The energy-efficiency upgrades include low-flow showerheads, which use less hot water and save energy and natural gas, and heat reflector panels. Many social housing units are heated using radiators or baseboard convectors. These types of heating systems heat the unit, but also heat exterior walls at the same time. As a result, heat that could be warming the unit is lost, which reduces the system’s energy efficiency.Get Started today! For the Home Winterproofing Program, contact your local Delivery Agent by visiting For the Affordable Housing Program, contact Enbridge's Energy Soutions Consultant by visiting

Heat reflector panels are an easy and effective way to reduce heat loss. Heat reflector panels are installed behind the radiator or baseboard convector. They reflect up to 90 per cent of the heat that is otherwise being wasted through the exterior wall back into the room, providing improved comfort to the residents while reducing the heating bill.

Single-family, semi-detached and townhouse units built before 1980 may also be eligible for free insulation, air-sealing and draft-proofing through Enbridge Gas’ Home Winter-proofing Program. Free home assessments are required to determine eligibility. Improved home insulation can save up to 30 per cent of energy use.

Enbridge Gas is pleased to offer financial incentives towards the implementation of capital improvement projects in multi-residential buildings that provide long-term financial and environmental benefits. Visit our website to work out an energy management plan that’s right for you.


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