2018-2019 ONPHA Annual Report - flip

2 2018-2019 Annual Report | Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Dear ONPHA members, Last year we celebrated a milestone – ONPHA’s 30 th anniversary. It’s difficult to imagine that right before we formed in 1988, there wasn’t a community housing sector to speak of. At this time, large housing providers were scattered throughout the province. It was ONPHA who mobilized them and gave them a collective voice. This is something we can all cherish as a critical piece of our history. Reaching that 30-yearmilestonewas an important point in time for ONPHA to take an honest look at where we’ve been and where we need to go. As we took stock of past, present and future, we knew we couldn’t keep doing things the same way. The sector is changing, governments are changing and communities are changing. This means your work is becoming more complex, and you need more from us as your sector association. With this in mind, we committed 2019 to be ONPHA’s year of action. We started with a listening tour and heard directly from members. It was your voices that drove our new vision to lead the sector; built on four key pillars of service: 1. Provider Effectiveness 2. Sector Excellence 3. Sector Leadership 4. Ensuring a Strong ONPHA In this year’s annual report, we outline the wins we’ve achieved in each of these areas of service over the course of the past fiscal year. And we’re just getting started. We’ve laid a solid foundation, and we’re continuing to build. This means many exciting changes are still underway, includingmore focused advocacywhere we unite with partners and challenge each level of government to shift the tide. It also includes more learning opportunities and resources to help you navigate present and future challenges. Together, we can solve the housing problems of today and tomorrow. It’s been inspiring to see incredible innovation from our members this year. Housing providers are partnering to increase supports to their tenants, finding funding solutions for new construction, becoming more energy-efficient, andmuchmore. As ONPHA commits to shifting and thinking outside of the box, your work shows us that you are committed to doing the same. On behalf of ONPHA’s board of directors, leadership and staff, thank you for continuing to grow and change with us. I’m excited for you to see what’s ahead. Here’s to the next 30 years. Sincerely, Ami Patel President, ONPHA message from the president