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Four ways to promote a safe working environment

CPRKeeping employees safe in the workplace is a top priority for any organization. Every person has the right to arrive to work and feel comfortable with both their surroundings and the tasks at hand.

A “workplace” can take on many different physical forms. It may not always be an office environment; it can also be an outdoor space, on the road, or in a residential setting.

At Staples Business Advantage, we know quite a bit about ensuring safety in the workplace. We’ve put together four simple tips to help ensure a safe working environment for you and your staff:

Four ways to promote a safe working environment

  1. Audit the basic essentials so that you can ensure you’re better prepared to avoid any major health, safety or security risks. Be aware of what risks exist in your typical working environment so you can anticipate possible problems and solutions.
  2. Implement an easy-to-follow safety program to increase your team’s effectiveness. Keep track of your program in a manual so that you can share it with new employees or for annual refreshers.
  3. Integrate best practices and keep processes simple.
  4. Take the time to properly train those you are working with or who are working for you. Training people how to spot and avoid hazards is extremely important. Giving your employees access to basic health and safety trainings such as First Aid and CPR can also help to increase workplace safety.

How ONPHA can help

If you don’t yet have a safety program and manual in place, you don’t have to start from scratch. ONPHA’s 2017 Health and Safety Guide puts everything you need at your fingertips, including a customizable template health and safety manual that can be easily adapted and applied within your own organization. Get your free preview here to find out what else is included.

How Staples Business Advantage can help

Need to train your employees? Visit or contact your ONPHA sales representatives below to find out more about our training services, as well as any health and safety products you may need:

  • AED and CPR Certification
  • Standard First Aid Course

Edwin Tagoe: (647) 468-2242 |

Rob McEwan: (647) 227-0639 |

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