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Posted by on Aug 2017 in All Stories, Features | 1 comment

Oh rats! How to prevent them from moving in

ratThe best way to deal with rats is to avoid them in the first place! The biggest mistake people make when it comes to rat infestations is acting too late. Don’t wait until you see signs of a problem before you act. A reactive approach is expensive and may lead to serious health issues for tenants and staff. Choose to be proactive with these tips:

Keep the outside of your building free of debris.

Rats love a mess, so be sure the areas surrounding your building (especially the garbage collection area) are free of food and nesting materials. This is important during every season, but particularly during the summer months when the warm weather can intensify smells and rotting food.

Install a perimeter

Install a perimeter of trapping devices around your building and outside areas. We recommend that large housing providers call in a professional to do a full service on their perimeter. Smaller providers might opt to purchase snap traps or glue boards, but should remember to place the traps safely out of the way of tenants. When dealing with poisons, it is best to consult with an expert.

Prevention is possible when everyone is on board.

To keep rats away, housing providers will need the cooperation of their staff and tenants. Ensure that your tenants are aware of the sanitation standards of their personal units and common areas. Pay attention to your tenants’ habits and send regular reminders about ways they can help prevent rats from entering the building – for example, keeping garbage bin lids shut.

Get help from the experts.

ONPHA Best Deals partner Terminix Canada has been providing exceptional pest control for a decade. Visit for a full list of their services that can help you keep your building rodent-free.

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