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Five reasons to join a non-profit board

An empty boardroom as seen from the other side of a glass wall

Many professionals are interested in serving on a non-profit board but aren’t sure if they possess the right skillset and knowledge. The truth is, many organizations are actively looking for board members with diverse skillsets, experience, and backgrounds. The pandemic has non-profits thinking of ways they can modernize and plan for the future, so this might be an ideal time to get your start as a board member.  

You bring specific experience and know-how to the table, but what do you gain from becoming a board member? There are many reasons to join a board, from helping an organization fulfill its mission to gaining valuable skills. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to serve on a non-profit board. 

Support something you’re passionate about 

Exterior of two rental apartment buildings set against the sky

You’re a unique individual with your own skills and experience – why not utilize that to benefit a non-profit? 

You’re a part of the community housing sector because you want to help people. Joining a board allows you to use your expertise and passion to help guide and shape an organization’s mission. 

Gain leadership experience 

Whether you’ve never held a leadership position or are a seasoned leader in your own right, joining a board will give you a new perspective on leading a non-profit. Serving on a board gives you a top-down view of the major issues an organization deals with. Consider taking part in or even leading committees pertaining to your areas of expertise/interest for even more experience.  

Make new contacts

Joining a board is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who share your values and interests. Working closely with your fellow board members allows you to cultivate meaningful and collaborative relationships with a diverse group of people. 

Face new challenges and expand your skillset

A panel of three women sits in discussion on a stage

Volunteering on a non-profit board will expose you to all aspects of running an organization. From finance, to human resources, to strategic planning, you’ll be involved in making decisions that shape the operational and strategic future of the organization while gaining experience in areas to which you may not have been exposed before. 

Find new interests or avenues to pursue in your career 

As mentioned above, your tenure as a board member will expose you to facets of running a non-profit that may be unfamiliar to you. You may find that you have a knack for strategic planning or human resources. Serving on a board can help you find new strengths and develop your skills to apply in your current role, or to further your career.

Join our Board of Directors and be a part of leading ONPHA and the housing sector

ONPHA Board and staff members at a Federal government office

This year, we’re filling six vacant positions on ONPHA’s Board of Directors. We’re looking for ONPHA Housing Members who are committed to the sector and want to take part in shaping its future over a three-year term.  

ONPHA has launched the new Centre for Housing Excellence and we’re driving change in the sector through policy and advocacy work. Recent events have brought the need for affordable housing into the spotlight. Be a part of shaping the work we’re doing to make housing affordability a leading priority for all levels of government. 

Recent changes (voted on by ONPHA members) to ONPHA By-law #12 have mandated diversity in skills, experience, and location for ONPHA’s Board. Click here to download the Application Package and learn more about the requirements. 

Voting for the board will be held online this year prior to our Annual General Meeting on November 5, 2020.  

Interested in joining the ONPHA Board? Submit your application with a one-minute video stating your name, title, organization, and what you aim to accomplish by joining the ONPHA Board by September 21, 2020 to  

Click here to learn more about the election and to download your Application Package today! 

Questions? Contact Ijeoma Oreh, ONPHA’s Executive Assistant, at  

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