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Posted by on Mar 2022 in All Stories, Slider, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Loose papers, tangled cords, and yesterday’s leftovers, OH MY! Time to spring clean your workspace.

Cluttered desk

It’s not easy to find the time to spring clean your workspace, and we all know that working in the community housing sector sure does keep us busy!

We’ve all been there…we do a deep clean of our offices before the winter holidays and vow to never again let the clutter mount. Then, the pace picks up after the break. And before we know it that New Year’s resolution to stay organized is, well… maybe it’s buried somewhere under that stack of random papers.

If this is sounding familiar to you, consider this post your motivation to try again!

Commit to taking the time to spring clean your workspace and follow these seven tips. These can apply whether you’re working from home or onsite, in a small personal space or in a large shared space.

Do something about all those wires!

Cable cord

Is there anything more annoying than fighting with dozens of unruly cords and cables all day? It’s not a fun task to organize them, but once it’s done it’s done, and your sanity will be saved for many months to come.

Use cable ties to bundle cables together and add colored tags to keep track of what’s what. If you want to take it a step further, there are lots of cable management systems out there that can help.

File away or recycle those loose papers.

Stack of cluttered papers sitting on top of a desk

In today’s digital world, it’s likely the stack of papers teetering on the edge of your desk has shrunk. But sometimes our jobs require us to keep physical copies of documents. If that’s you, take time to reevaluate your filing system. Is it working for you? Why not? Perhaps you need an updated labelling system, or additional filing space. Identify the issue so that the clutter doesn’t magically reappear in a few weeks.

The same applies to your digital files. Keep your inbox organized with a folder system, and ensure your documents are being stored in a way that makes sense for you and your teams.

Kill keyboard germs.

Mac keyboard

We all have a renewed appreciation for good hygiene in 2022. Keyboards are said to be one of the most bacteria-infected items in our offices. Get yourself a safe disinfectant and give your keys a good clean! Keep the product in your top desk drawer so you are reminded to use it regularly.

Don’t just tidy – add a little flare!

Decorated work desk

A clean space is great, but what’s even better is a space that makes you feel inspired. So get in touch with your creative side.

Most of us probably have photos of our friends, family, and pets on display. But think outside the box and add at least one extra piece that brings you joy. You could print off your favourite song lyric, hang up a meaningful card from your mentor, or display your organization’s mission statement. When you’re proud of your space and it’s personal to you, you’ll feel motivated to keep it organized.

Create calm with plants.

Green plant in a bright yellow planter sitting on a desk

There’s a scientific reason we’re all drawn to plants – they’re proven to enhance our moods! If your space lacks the right lighting, or you simply have a bad history with keeping plants alive (hey, we’re not judging!), then there’s no shame in going the artificial route. There’s some very convincing faux plants out there that are sure to make your space feel more natural and inviting.

Re-home items you don’t need.

Box of office supplies

Perhaps in your cleaning frenzy, you unearthed three staplers or discovered a mounting collection of coffee mugs you never use. Donate items you have multiples of or find a new home for items that simply don’t belong.

Spend a week taking your time with it.

Woman cleaning her computer screen

Short on time? Don’t feel like you have to tackle this all in one day. Make a plan to chip away at it for a full work week. When Friday rolls around, have yourself a little celebration and relax in your newly organized workspace!

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