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Posted by on May 2022 in Advocacy, All Stories, Slider, Uncategorized | 0 comments

What the major Ontario party platforms say about affordable housing

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With less than two weeks left until Election Day in Ontario, The Vote4Housing campaign is gaining serious momentum!  

The media have broadcasted our messages in newspapers, radio, and TV, and over 30 cross-sectoral organizations have officially endorsed the campaign. 

Most importantly, we’ve seen more significant affordable housing commitments from the major political parties than we’ve seen in decades.   

Take a look at how the affordable housing commitments in the Progressive Conservative, Liberal, New Democratic Party, and Green Party platforms compare to the Vote4Housing action plan*. 

Click on the charts to enlarge.


Ontario needs to build and acquire 99,000 homes which are deeply affordable, co-op, and supportive housing over the next 10 years, as part of a broader supply-based approach to solving the housing crisis.  


Ontario needs to reinvest in existing community housing by supporting needed repairs and renewal, and ongoing funding for rental assistance. This includes extending the life of 260,000 community-owned rental homes, as recommended in ONPHA and CHF Canada’s 10-year Affordable Housing Plan for Ontario.  


Ontario needs to implement an urban, rural, and northern Indigenous housing strategy with dedicated investments through an Indigenous-led approach. Of the 99,000 new co-op and non-profit homes that are needed, build at least 22,000 new Indigenous-owned and operated homes in urban, northern and rural areas within the next 10 years (as recommended in ONPHA’s Urban and Rural Indigenous Housing Plan for Ontario).  


Ontario needs to commit to preventing and ending homelessness. This includes creating at least 30,000 supportive housing homes over the next 10 years (of the 99,000 new co-op and non-profit homes needed), complete with long-term operating funding for wrap-around supports to reduce chronic homelessness, as recommended in ONPHA and CHF Canada’s 10- year Affordable Housing Plan for Ontario. 


Ontario needs to pledge to make renting a secure and viable option for Ontarians. This includes delivering income supports to at least 311,000 Ontarian households, as recommended in ONPHA and CHF Canada’s 10-year Affordable Housing Plan for Ontario.  

*Charts reflect targets and commitments from the PC’s in context of the current budget.

Read the full Vote4Housing policy platform here.

Take action now

Here are three simple ways you can join us in advocating for immediate action on affordable housing. Your support of the Vote4Housing campaign helps us maximize our impact during this critical time. Thank you!

Visit for more information and follow the campaign on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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