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Posted by on Sep 2022 in All Stories, Sector voices, Slider, Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to get the most out of an online Conference  

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The pandemic has accelerated the rise of online learning and networking experiences. Opting for an online experience over in-person doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice value. Follow these tips to get the most out of your online conference in 2022.  

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Turn on your out-of-office

It might be tempting to schedule meetings around your online sessions and keep your email tab open the whole day. Try to limit distractions the same way you would if you were attending your event in person.  

Block the time off in your calendar and turn on your out-of-office alert. This will allow you to be fully immersed in the experience and focus on the learning.  

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Switch it up

One of the perks of attending an in-person Conference is getting to enjoy new scenery and a change of pace. The good news is, you can still achieve this while attending online.  

Make plans to attend your online conference in a new environment. This could mean finding a quiet park, coffee shop, or business centre, borrowing a friend’s space, or even booking a conference room with a few of your colleagues so you can attend together.  

Also, try adding something a little extra to your routine, such as a special coffee order or breakfast to kick off the day.  

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Get online early

Online platforms are becoming more sophisticated, with many online conferences offering an app or online platform with special features to explore. These might include bonus presentations or videos to watch, opportunities to chat online with other attendees, virtual contests and games, or Trade Shows to browse.  

Familiarize yourself with the platform early so you’re ready to take full advantage of the offerings.  



Most online conferences will offer a chat or Q&A feature that allows you to participate during sessions just as easily as if you were attending in person. Take advantage of these features to optimize the learning opportunities.

There’s been so much excitement around getting our sector back together in Toronto at the 2022 ONPHA Conference, we’re sold out of in-person tickets! However, since we don’t want anyone to miss out on the essential learning we bring each year to the Conference, we’ve worked out an online offering.

Virtual tickets are on sale now! Join us online from November 3 to 5.

Learn more.

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